How to Rock Your Own Style Without Breaking the Bank

Keeping up with fashionable folk is tough when there is not much money available. However, you can rock your style and stand out from the crowd without breaking the bank. Making your own style on a budget simply requires creativity and vision. You might not have much cash to splash, but you can make an impact in the fashion pool. All you need is time, a few bits and bobs to add detail to clothes and accessories and a willingness to plumb your hidden artistic depths.


Unique visual detailing can make clothing look amazing. Sometimes it is the cut of a garment or the material it is made from that makes it shine. However, at other times it is the small embellishments used on clothes that make them individual and pleasing to behold.

 Buy embellishments such as embroidered patches, sequins, or unusual buttons from a material shop and they will probably cost you a lot of money. Luckily though, purchasing a little visual glamor and style is not dependent on you having to visit expensive retailers. You can get your hands on a variety of interesting goodies to sew, or stick onto clothing via second hand shops, car boot sales, and garage sales. At the same time, if you pillage unwanted clothes that hang around in your wardrobe and are never worn, you are likely to find hidden gems.

 Use the embellishments that you discover to enhance your clothes and add artistic flair. At the same time, think out of the box when expressing ideas. You might like to add colorful buttons all around the hemline of a dress rather than use them as fasteners, or use zips for visual impact rather than to hold a garment together.


Accessories are vital when it comes to projecting a unique image that rocks. You might wonder how accessories from major high street stores will make you look different to everyone else who buys them. However, it is the way you put an outfit together that makes it look individual and stylish.

 Think of new ways to wear the accessories you already own, and those that you can buy cheaply in sales. For example, ties need not be worn around the neck as they can be sewn together to make a bold sash to cinch in the waist of a tea dress or oriental gown. In addition, a floral silk scarf can become a stylish hair band or belt.


How you create finished garments will depend on your creative style. If you work intuitively, you might find that you instinctively know where to add details to clothes and how best to wear accessories in unusual ways. Alternatively, you might work best by creating a fashion board.

 A fashion board should be a visual representation of your ideas. Pin cutouts from magazines and sketches, along with anything that sparks your creativity to a corkboard. When you have gathered plenty of ideas, let the board be your muse by helping you put different ideas together.

 Rock your style without gaining a painfully red bank balance using embellishments to add vital details to clothes. In addition, wear accessories in canny ways and combine garments mindfully to create your own style.